How I suffered from deploy ember+rails app?

I suck at configuring development environment and I never deny. I am quite new to web development, but the society is noob unfriendly. There are whole bunch of documentations are outdated and not well consistently referenced. ¬†When you search the questions like “How to serve ember production on rails and then deploy it to AWS/heroku etc?” They will be like: “Read this”, which most of time they will provide a long tutorial only talks about deploying ember or deploying rails. Sometimes they act so mean, thinking you are a f* idiot, closing you question immediately. Wow, what gives you guys so much prejudice towards the other people, especially those who are really fresh to the environment? Also some errors in the console are vague and trivial, which took me couple of hours to fix those weird problems.

However, when I started to use docker, it is way better than any other stuff which I have tried. They provide you the clear and simple solution right in the console! And usually it will work! Developers friendly! And due to the accident of 273 unpublished packages of NPM, I do think you NPM guys should learn how docker engineers manage their products! Freedom is our treasure, but without a standard, things will get more chaos and complicated.